Individual Orders

Whether through word-of-mouth, social media, farmers markets, or other means, you have become aware of our biscotti and are hopefully a fan.  We want our product available to our customers at all times, not just during markets and other events.  Below is a Q&A that should answer all your questions concerning how to get biscotti!!
Q:  How can I order biscotti?
A:  You can order biscotti via this website ("Contact Us/Order/Get Quote" page), which is our preference, or via Facebook (@mangiabscotti)
Q:  How much are the biscotti?
A:  We sell our Market size (5"; most popular) biscotti for $1 each; the "Flavor of the Month" is $10 per dozen.  If you choose our Small B'Scotti Tray, for $15 you will receive 1 dozen Market size on a tray and ready for serving.  For Party size (3") biscotti, more information may be found by going to the Weddings/Parties/ Larger events page:
Weddings/Large Events
Q:  How are your biscotti packaged?
A:  (See below)  We individually wrap/seal our biscotti then arrange them in a container/bag.  For the Small B'Scotti Tray, the biscotti are not wrapped individually but the tray is sealed for freshness

Individually Wrapped

Small B'Scotti Tray

Q:  Are there any minimums for an order?
A:  2 points here.  There is a 1 dozen minimum.  Also, we ask that you order at least 3 of any one flavor
Q:  When do I pay for my biscotti?
A:  At receipt of product
Q:  Do you accept credit cards?
A:  Yes.  Major credit cards and cash.  No personal checks
Q:  How do I get my order?
A:  We deliver, at no charge, anywhere in Central Ohio.  If you are outside of Central Ohio, reach out to us and we will provide a quote for shipping
Q:  What is the shelf life of your biscotti?
A:  For those that are individually wrapped, they will continue to be fresh for at least 1 month.  If any are opened, we suggest putting them in a sealed container.  Store in a cool/dry place