Our Biscotti
The biscotti displayed below are our current seasonal flavors.  Most flavors are available year round but we also like to introduce others based on the time of year and available ingredients
April Flavors
  1. Almond
    An Italian traditional favorite with real almonds and pure extract providing a rich almond flavor and a little crunch
  2. Anise
    An Italian traditional favorite infused with a subtle anise flavor, from pure extract
  3. Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip
    Traditional Vanilla biscotti with real semi-sweet chocolate chips
  4. Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast
    Buttery, sweet cinnamon flavor mimics delicious cinnamon toast
  5. Cran-Orange Pistachio
    Cran-Orange Pistachio
    A zing of orange and tart cranberries balanced with some vanilla sweetness and crunchy pistachios
  6. Pink Ribbon
    Pink Ribbon
    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness -- almonds, cherries, and tiny chunks of white chocolate give bursts of flavor to Tina's original creation
  7. Triple Lemon
    Triple Lemon
    Refreshing and traditional, juiced up with 3 levels of lemon: zest, juice, and pure extract
  8. Cookies 'N' Creme
    Cookies 'N' Creme
    What's better than an Oreo dunked in a glass of milk.........a Cookies 'N' Creme biscotti
  9. White Mocha
    White Mocha
    The sweet white chocolate and subtle mocha flavor will satisfy your sweet craving
  10. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut
    Dark Chocolate Hazelnut
    Dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts combine with cocoa and nutella for a delicious biscotti
  11. Peanut Butter Cup
    Peanut Butter Cup
    Peanut butter + milk chocolate + peanuts = Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup
"Flavor of the Month"